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The Marina Raphael brand is defined by a narrative that speaks of both heritage and modernity. Informed by a mindset that has a deep respect of traditional craftsmanship while keeping a firm eye on our sustainable future, Marina Raphael carves a new definition for a luxury handbag brand. Encouraging everyone to reimagine how their handbags should serve them, founder and designer, Marina Raphael approaches designer bags as if they were jewelry. Her personal heritage shines through; a sixth-generation member of the Swarovski family, she works creatively with Swarovski crystals to create illuminating accessories. Modern heirlooms are created by Italian artisans through a core process that weaves elegance, craftsmanship and innovation. Strong, architectural shapes are canvases for artistry and quality, while an elevation of luxury design and artisans supported by a sustainable ethos are the foundations of a brand made for a dynamic and modern audience. The empowerment of women, the art of self-expression and the ability to inspire, lie at the core of the brand.