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Camilla Franks is one of Australia’s leading fashion designers and is celebrated globally for her artistic, innovative and intricate designs that weave in stories from her travels abroad and imaginative escapism.  
Launching her first collection at Australian Fashion Week in 2004, Camilla’s first fashion show was designed to disrupt the industry. With no theatrics spared, she created, choreographed and directed a fashion opera, and debuted the brand at the Intercontinental Sydney. It set the scene for everything to come.  
The brand has since grown into a global print house with a unique aesthetic that’s instantly recognizable - with prints now sold in 55 countries across the globe. Encompassing her love of travel, Camilla immerses herself in faraway worlds to inspire each limited-edition collection and create pieces that are treasured by collectors. Prints are hand-drawn and painted by in-house artists, pieces cut and sewn by hand, and every embellishment is applied with precision.