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LE SPECS The Book Club Chunky Chain

Shipping Information:

Get delivery within 24 hours in Dubai and 48 hours across UAE (outside Dubai), except on sundays and public holidays.

Product Description:

What, you thought we had evolved as a species? Nah, what's old is always new again. Specifically glasses chains, we're talking chains. Your mother had one, her mother had one, her mother's mother's mother's mother might have had one…. maybe? Anywho, here it is. It's chunky, it's shiny and it's tan!  Easily fitted to any TBC style with adjustable silicon loops. Welcome to the future with a friendly sprinkling of the past.


  • Shape ~ Unspecified
  • Colour ~ Tan
  • Gender ~ Uni-Sex
  • Material ~ Acrylic
  • Temple Length ~ 69


What’s Included

Each chain features lobster clasps to disconnect the silicon eyewear loop, allowing for versatile use as necklace, bag accessory, other things probably…. go ahead and get creative!