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CAMILLA Long Dress With Tie Front - Destiny Calling

The Destiny Calling Long Dress With Tie Front is a sweet sonnet of bright feminine florals cascading across a gate of fine golden lattice and baroque flourishes. Adorning hand-embellished CAMILLA crystals, this luxury silk dress plays host to tie detailing at the sweetheart neckline, a fitted waist to cinch and shape, dainty shoestring straps and a relaxed fit full length silhouette that falls into a flared hemline. Lovingly handcrafted and designed in Australia, explore more from The Moral Of The Story: Act II collection.


  • CAMILLA Ready-To-Wear
  • Full length
  • Front tie closure
  • Lined bodice
  • Silk Crepe
  • Invisible side zip
  • Take it one pretty floral pace further with the Destiny Calling Small Canvas Clutch
  • Fabrication
  • 100% SILK



A single dream can sow the seeds of magic. Watch the flowers of your fantasies bloom and tend gently to your garden with flourishes of hope in golden moments. From the cinders of the flame that once burned inside your heart, re-ignite the sparks and watch your world transform to fairytale status.

Delve into The Moral Of The Story and enter a magic matrix of portals that open to new worlds, new dreams and new adventures, each one guiding us towards a deeper truth.

A lyrical ode that pays homage to the power of stories: their ability to connect us, teach us and shape us. With every tale we explore recurring universal themes to discover new dimensions of ourselves, reminded that we are authors, heroes and heroines, each with the power to rewrite reality.


As each piece is embellished with hand-applied crystals, we recommend you clean your CAMILLA through any good green dry cleaner across the country to reduce any cleaning-associated chemical footprint.
Alternatively, we recommend a refreshing spray specific to silk products, or through gently handwashing with cold water at your own discretion.
When dry cleaning your CAMILLA please take it to a trusted, specialty dry cleaner. Our garments are very delicate and must be cleaned in the appropriate solvent; please ensure your dry cleaner uses Hydrocarbon or Green Earth products, with strict limitations on amount of water, reduced chemical action and low drying temp. As some Camilla garments are enriched with embellishments, we recommend no heat on the beading/embellishments.