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CAMILLA Dress with Shirred Waist and Cuffs DRIPPING IN DECO

Shipping Information:

Get delivery within 24 hours in Dubai and 48 hours across UAE (outside Dubai), except on sundays and public holidays.

Product Description:

A strikingly regal navy dress, the Dripping In Deco Dress With Shirred Waist and Cuffs is finely crafted from pure CAMILLA silk, imprinted with patterns which derive inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties. The stately navy and gold printed silk dress expertly combines billowy sleeves and skirt with shirred elastic to hug the figure and features an ornamental and finely detailed V-neckline, emblazoned with CAMILLA crystals. The figure-flattering dress should be accessorized with the dazzling Luxe Navy Round Drawstring Pouch with Beading.

  • Dripping In Deco Dress With Shirred Waist And Cuff
  • Inspired by the high glamour of twenties
  • Dark blue print with gold accents
  • Striking navy dress
  • Digitally printed silk Shirred elastic cuff and waist
  • V neckline
  • Blouson sleeve
  • Crystal embellishment


Model: 00011927-DRIPDECO


Glamour, Glitz and Gatsby’s Great Girls. These prints are an ode to this delicious era, with all over hot-fixed embellished flapper dresses, feathered trims, pretty pearls, and silk smoking suits. Look closely and you’ll find architectural lines, painterly peacock motifs, ostrich feathers, chandeliers and costume jewelry.


  • As each piece is embellished with hand-applied crystals, we recommend you clean your CAMILLA through any good green dry cleaner across the country to reduce any cleaning-associated chemical footprint.
  • Alternatively, we recommend a refreshing spray specific to silk products, or through gently handwashing with cold water at your own discretion.
  • When dry cleaning your CAMILLA please take it to a trusted, specialty dry cleaner. Our garments are very delicate and must be cleaned in the appropriate solvent; please ensure your dry cleaner uses Hydrocarbon or Green Earth products, with strict limitations on amount of water, reduced chemical action and low drying temp. As some Camilla garments are enriched with embellishments, we recommend no heat on the beading/embellishments.
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