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VILEBREQUIN Unisex Cotton Voile Lightweight Shirt Turtles Leopard

Make an impression... with a print combining two majestic animals. Turtle silhouettes and leopard prints combine their legendary style on the Caracal organic cotton voile shirt.

A shirt for men or women that is elegant in every circumstance

  • Caracal long-sleeved, straight-cut shirt, more fitted than the Caroubis linen design
  • French-collar shirt
  • Women's or men's shirt with chest pocket for men or women
  • Tone-on-tone embroidery of the Vilebrequin turtle on one of the tails of this Caracal shirt
  • Turtles Leopard organic cotton veil shirt


A lightweight and very pleasant-to-wear shirt

  • Caracal shirt in soft and lightweight cotton voile


A long-sleeved linen shirt designed to look fresh through the years

  • The elements (from the thread to the buttons) of this shirt for men and women are crafted to withstand washes.


Composition of the Caracal shirt:

  • 100% Organic Cotton


STYLE: Caracal


To take care of your beloved Women and Men Shirt, we advise you to follow our suggestions below:

  • Wash your Women and Men Shirt at 86F with like colors.
  • Do not use oxygenated or chlorine based bleach/ stain removers.
  • Air-dry your Women and Men Shirt and do not use tumble dryer.
  • Regular steam or dry iron inside out, with maximum setting at 300F.
  • Regular steam or dry iron inside out, with maximum setting at 300F