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SHANGIES by Stilov Women Jute Sandals Strap in Midnight Sky

Exclusive and comfortable jute sandals

Shangies is an exclusive and trendy sandal brand which provides a luxurious treat for your feet!

The beautiful and unique sandals are specifically designed to be durable, lightweight, and super comfortable. The soft footbed of Shangies is covered with natural jute fabric and the soft, eye-catching straps provide a beautiful pattern and a very comfortable fit.


Midnight Sky

This lovely shade resembles stargazing on a warm summer night. It’s beautiful, dark and not quite like anything you’ve seen before. Midnight sky will perfectly enhance any wardrobe.

Shangies are washable (hand wash only!) and come in the following sizes:

  • 35/36: 22 cm

  • 37/38: 23.5 cm

  • 38/39: 24 cm

  • 39/40: 25 cm

  • 40/41: 25.5 cm

  • 41/42: 26.5 cm


Stylish collection & unique


Shangies are the perfect obvious choice for anytime and anywhere - on the beach, at concerts, at parties, and even around the house when it’s too cold outside.

All Shangies styles are available in a range of lovely colours so the whole family can easily find a pair to match any outfit and enjoy the comfort of the lightweight sandals.