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SAN DIEGO HAT Men's Ultrabriad Panama With Jacquard Trim

For more sun coverage, but still great style, try this Brim Size: 3.25"med panama! Perfect for everyday wear at the beach or pool, it will keep you stylish anywhere you go!


Brim Size: 3.25"
Men's one size
80% paper, 20% polyester
Ultrabraid panama with jacquard trim

SPF vs. UPF Sun Protection


SPF is like sunscreen's favorite sidekick, shielding your skin from those sassy sunburn-causing UVB rays. It's all about keeping your skin happy and burn-free!

But wait, UPF enters the scene, rocking the fashion world with its UV-blocking powers for clothing. It's like wearing a stylish shield that keeps those pesky UV rays from reaching your skin and causing trouble.

So, SPF is for lotions and potions, while UPF is for clothes that make you go "Wow!" Protect your skin from burns and rock your UV-blocking attire. Sun-sational! Psst.. We always recommend wearing sunscreen in combination with wearing our hats