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Pain de Sucre Yka

Large square pareo printed BLOSSOM

Large square pareo of 142 x 142 cm, bordered by a paprika border. Scarf finish.

100% polyester

We fall under the spell of the relaxed aesthetic of the YKA pareo. Must-have of our swimwear wardrobe, it adorns us with its intensely flowery patterns and tastefully spicy colors. From Persian to paprika, YKA printed BLOSSOM surrounds us with its veil and promises to spice up our outings. In town or at the beach, this large square pareo, which is tied in 1000 and 1 way, follows us in all our escapades.

Dressing room

We love the BLOSSOM print so much that we find it on our jerseys for a perfect match with our pareo. Whether with the delightful a swimming piece WIL or with the very bohemian two-piece HELIA, a triangle bikini and LAIA, a finely coordinated swimwear, our pareo YKA always offers us a goddess look. We also like to coordinate it with our little jewel of the summer: the AGATE rhinestone bikini, a triangle jersey top and SANKA.

The studio mannequin measures 1m75 and wears a one size fits all.