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Pain de Sucre Kalis

Multi-position pareo paprika

Long pareo 140 x 100 cm in light sail. Cutting for fastener. Bumblebee finish. Flying effect.

74% polyamide, 26% elastane

Essential piece of your suitcase, let yourself be seduced by the KALIS long multi-position sailing pareo paprika. Its flying effect will sublimate your Olympian beauty. Flexible and vaporous, it bends to your desires and will make you the goddess of your destination! Its color will sublimate your complexion, whether it is tanned or porcelain ...

Dressing room

Our KALIS paprika pareo nicely enhances the shimmering colors of the BLOSSOM print. Bohemian chic spirit with the charming duo: KAMAS, a headband that stands out for its lacing between breasts and SAMA, the matching reversible high-waisted panties. Another bikini that does not lack charm: the HELIA triangle and the INDENTed LAIA swimwear. Those who prefer one-piece swimsuits will choose the WIL swimmer.

The studio mannequin measures 1m66 and wears a one size fits all.