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PAIN de SUCRE Gilia Long Golden Knitted Kaftan

The long kaftan GILIA subtly plays with transparency. Its thin and light fishnet knit is adorned with Lurex for a delicate iridescent effect. This refined beach outfit provides softness and comfort. MASAI, a vivid and multicolored tribal print.

  • Long golden fishnet knit kaftan
  • Zig-zag with fringes and side splits at the bottom

Materials : 75% viscose, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide



To maintain the brightness of your outfit, please follow the upkeep instructions shown on the product label. Generally, you should:

  1. GENTLY WASH by hand in warm soapy water or in the washing machine on a delicate wash cycle
  2. IN THE CASE OF MACHINE WASHING, it is best to put delicate textile items in a laundry net
  3. AVOID CONTACT with fatty or greasy substances (sun creams and oils) Do not store the jersey wet, without washing and drying it first.
  4. DO NOT DRY CLEAN do not dry in the clothes dryer, or use chemical cleaning agents
  5. DO NOT IRON Snags and abrasions on rough surfaces are not covered by any warranty