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CAMILLA Shirred Relaxed Short Dress ALL IS NOUVEAU

flattering silhouette with a sophisticated print, the All Is Nouveau Shirred Waist Short Dress is the perfect blend of demure and playful. The inspiration for this piece of elegant maidens within vintage Art Nouveau posters, is elevated into the contemporary with a modern animal print and golden tones. The long sleeves on this short dress and a necktie detail embraces elegance while shirring highlights the waistline.

  • All Is Nouveau Shirred Relaxed Short Dress
  • Inspired by art nouveau
  • Soft leopard print with gold hues
  • Mini dress
  • Casual summer dress
  • Digitally printed silk
  • Crystal embellishment
  • Shirred waist
  • Elasticated sleeve
  • Necktie detail


SKU: 00011442-ALLISNOU



These prints see stylized florals and gilded mirrors, circular frames and blooming borders. We added in animal print: leopard and reptilian patterns sat next to precious flowers for magically modern contrast.


  • As each piece is embellished with hand-applied crystals, we recommend you clean your CAMILLA through any good green dry cleaner across the country to reduce any cleaning-associated chemical footprint.
  • Alternatively, we recommend a refreshing spray specific to silk products, or through gently handwashing with cold water at your own discretion.
  • When dry cleaning your CAMILLA please take it to a trusted, specialty dry cleaner. Our garments are very delicate and must be cleaned in the appropriate solvent; please ensure your dry cleaner uses Hydrocarbon or Green Earth products, with strict limitations on amount of water, reduced chemical action and low drying temp. As some Camilla garments are enriched with embellishments, we recommend no heat on the beading/embellishments.