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PAIN de SUCRE Kalis Pareo


Cobalt blue pareo

Long cobalt blue multiposition pareo in stretch flat light voile, ruffle effect.
74% polyamide, 26% elastane
A must-have piece in your luggage, fall under the spell of the long cobalt blue voile multiposition pareo KALIS! The ruffle effect will enhance your wonderful beauty. Soft and flimsy, it will suit all your needs and make you the goddess of your destination! The bright cobalt blue colour will reflect even more the sun and enhance your suntanned skin.
It is the key-piece of your summer It-bag, the cobalt blue pareo KALIS! Like a second skin, you will love it for its purity, softness and unbeatable comfort. It can be easily combined with different bikini tops of the new collection like the WILD print triangles DONIA and TANA or the RIO print ruffle bra INES.


Champagne yellow pareo

Pareo long yellow champagne multi-positions in light sail extendable flat, flying effect.

74% polyamide, 26%
Paréo elastane, champagne yellow

Shop tip

Essential part of your suitcase, let yourself be seduced by the KALIS long multi-position sailing champagne pareo! Its flying effect will sublimate your Olympian beauty... Flexible and vaporous, it bends to your desires and will make you the goddess of your destination! Its luminous champagne color, will reflect more the sun and sublimate your tanned complexion ...

Dressing room
This is the centerpiece of our summer it-bag, the KALIS champagne pareo!

Effect second skin assured, we love it for its purity, softness and incomparable comfort.

It is easily associated with the different pieces of the collection for looks as feminine as varied. We imagine it with the INES triangle jersey top or the NAISSA headband printed RIO but also the CHLORIS headband bra in champagne yellow.