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Pain de Sucre KAMAS & TOBY bikini

Kamas Blossom printed lace-up headband jersey top

 Top of jersey headband with shells. Horizontal cut-outs on the chest. Passers-by golden rings and lacing between breasts in "bonded" Persian color, knotted neck. Whales holding chest sides. Back closure hook-golden clip. Set of removable shoulder straps. 

The KAMAS swimsuit top intrudes into our beach dressing room. This lined headband is adorned with the bright BLOSSOM print. On shades of Persian blue, the floral patterns shine. The lacing between breasts offers an ultra-seductive play of transparency and the possibility of adjusting it to all caps. We tie our straps in the back or neck to add a glamorous touch to our look.


Toby Reversible swimsuit stockings with high waist gold

Reversible panties jersey bottom. Interlocking shape. High size foldable.

Impossible not to be seduced by the TOBY jersey bottom printed BLOSSOM. With its folding lapel and reversible fabric, it bends to all our desires. We like the interlocking shape of the high-waisted panties that envelop us on intense notes, sometimes the Persian blue aquatic, sometimes the shimmering colors of the blossom floral print. For another look, we fold the lapel to wear it on the hips.


Materials : 72% polyamide, 28% elastane




To maintain the brightness of your swimsuit, please follow the upkeep instructions shown on the product label. Generally, you should:

  1. REMOVE The removable decorative features and untangle the swimsuit
  2. GENTLY WASH the swimsuit by hand in warm soapy water
  3. RINSE the swimsuit abundantly with clear water each time you bathe
  4. LAY the swimsuit out flat to dry preferably in the shade
  5. AVOID CONTACT with fatty or greasy substances (sun creams and oils) Do not store the jersey wet, without washing and drying it first.
  6. DO NOT DRY CLEAN do not dry in the clothes dryer, or use chemical cleaning agents
  7. HEAVILY CHLORINATED WATER may change the appearance of your swimsuit
  8. DO NOT IRON Snags and abrasions on rough surfaces are not covered by any warranty

Dressing room

The lacing of our KAMAS headband is found on the SAMA reversible panties. But to vary our looks, we change the cut. Boho style, we mix our headband with the thin panties with triple bridles LAIA print blossom. More retro spirit with the high-waisted swimwear with TOBY folding belt. In between, the DIVA tie bottom is a timeless one that you never get tired of. In all beauty, we tie in dress or skirt the large pareo in veil YKA, always on the same floral print.

The studio mannequin measures 1m66 and wears size 85.

Our BLOSSOM printed TOBY swimwear paired in style with matching swimsuit tops. To give volume to our neckline, we adopt without hesitation the push-up DONIA. The KAMAS headband with its lacing between breasts gives us a superb silhouette. Simpler but still elegant, we put on the HELIA triangle. Another flawless agreement: we give pride of place to Persian blue with the AGATE jewel bikini for a radiant set. Before going to the beach, we do not forget to surround ourselves with the essential accessory of our beachwear wardrobe: the large square pareo YKA, blossom print.

The studio mannequin measures 1m66 and wears the size XS.