Pain De Sucre

Entering the world of PAIN DE SUCRE this is like considering differently the art of travelling, a privilege for the women fond of beauty and perfection. The luxury and elegance of their bikinis give the summer its letters of nobility and make the beach a genuine way of life.

PAIN DE SUCRE was indeed created in 1983 thanks to the initiative of two men for whom textile and bespoke tailoring was a family tradition. Thirty years of passion and demands have made the reputation of the company, whose founders still hold the keys.

Sophisticated and modern, PAIN DE SUCRE has soon been beyond the French borders. The brand now dresses the beaches all over the world according to the codes of prestige it is cultivating openly, while remaining accessible to all.

Furthermore, in order to answer an increasing demand for deeper cups, the company has launched in 2012 the series called UNLIMITED. So now the most voluptuous curves will find their perfect style with glamour, in a concentration of adjusted shapes associating comfort and seduction, with a subtle game of straps and a great selection of pants.

Brand images