Lolo Bags

Lolo is a lifestyle accessories company with a mission to create trendy items by merging style and functionality. Combining a simple design aesthetic with eye-catching colors, Lolo offers accessories for women of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a casual tote, a colorful clutch, or a cute pencil case, Lolo has it all. The company firmly believes that multi-purpose bags should not be boring. So, we’ve created designs that bring the fun back to bags, while focusing on utility.

Each lightweight mesh or vinyl bag features a whimsical vinyl silhouette that draws inspiration from everyday objects and activities. These items are built for design conscious consumers and are available at accessible prices. The company’s line of bags, wallets and totes breathe life into familiar images, with distinctive silhouettes, in eye-catching colors. Carry your Lolo bag to the beach or out for the night. Either way, it is bound to make a statement!

Brand images